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Download Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan 

This document provides an overview of the completed Plan (154 pages)

Download Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan Synopsis 

This document provides an overview of the completed Plan (34 pages)


Alberta Lake Management Society

The Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) runs a water quality monitoring program called LakeWatch and regularly monitors Alberta’s lake on a rotating schedule. For more information about the LakeWatch program, visit their webpage:

Buffalo Lake was monitored in 2014. Here is a presentation summarizing the monitoring results.

Additional Information About Lakeshores

For information on water body navigability, boating safety, and private buoys and other navigational aids, visit the Canadian Coast Guard website:

For information on deleterious substances, fish habitat, and harmful alternation, disruption or destruction (HADD) of fish habitat, visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website at:

In Alberta, Fisheries and Oceans Canada offices are located in Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton and Peace River. For addresses and other contact information for each of these Alberta District offices, visit:

Additional Resources on Lakeshore Use



Central Alberta Recreational Lakes Initiative

The BLMT participates in the Central Alberta Recreational Lakes (CARL) initiative, led by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. CARL brings lake stewardship groups together for information and resource sharing, and collaboration for the benefit and sustainability of Alberta’s recreational lakes. ESRD hosts a forum every Spring and anyone interested and involved in lake stewardship is welcome to attend! For more information on CARL, contact Sharina Kennedy (sharina.kennedy(at)

What’s New with the BLMT.

The Buffalo Managment Team has transitioned from a Ministerial Committee to a Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreline Management Plan Implementation Committee.  The BLMT was formally dissolved under Ministerial Order 32-2016 in September of 2016.  The BLMT still meets quarterly and the…

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