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Call for Expression of Interest: Stettler County

The Buffalo Lake Management Team (BLMT) nominating committee is currently seeking expressions of interest for a representative from Stettler County to join the team.

About the BLMT

The Buffalo Lake Management Team was formed by the Minister of Environment in 1991 to provide advice on the construction, mitigation and operation of the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project. Since completion of the construction phase of the project, the Committee has focused on assessment of mitigation measures to be addressed, monitoring ongoing operations and land use surrounding the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake system.

The management team is made up of representatives of the surrounding communities, surrounding counties and Alberta Environment. The committee meets about 10 times a year and is accountable to the Minister of the Environment.

BLMT Membership

BLMT membership is comprised of representation from local interests and stakeholders. The Team has a maximum of thirteen members, including a minimum of three municipal representatives, and a maximum of one representative from each of the six municipalities within the project area. The municipalities include the Summer Villages of Rochon Sands and White Sands, the Village of Alix and the counties of Lacombe, Stettler and Camrose.

The team is comprised of interested members of the public who act as representatives of the environment; recreation; agriculture; development; industry and natural resources interests within the project area.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a brief expression of interest letter as soon as possible to the nominating committee for consideration. Final selections will consider the following criteria:

  • The  candidate brings fair and impartial perspective to the BLMT.
  • The candidate fills a valuable knowledge gap in the BLMT.
  • The candidate resides in Stettler County.
  • The candidate does not have a real or perceived conflict of interest related to the work of the BLMT.

The nominating committee may choose to conduct brief interviews with potential candidates.

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