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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Approved at BLMT Meeting #5 on September 18, 2017


1.0 Introduction
The Buffalo Lake Management Team (BLMT) was established by the Minister of Environment in 1991 to provide advice on the construction, mitigation, and operation of the Buffalo Lake – Parlby Creek Water Management Project. The BLMT was a valuable source of input in identifying issues, options and solutions in the development of the Project, an operating plan, and the subsequent Shoreline Management Plan.

As part of the Implementation of the Shoreline Management Plan, the BLMT, having completed its mandate, has been formally dissolved as a Ministerial Committee, but needs to be replaced by a new Implementation Team. This team will continue the role of advising the Department of Environment and Parks on issues related to the implementation of the plan’s goals and objectives under the same name, Buffalo Lake Management Team.


2.0 Mission and Mandate
The Buffalo Lake Management Team (BLMT) will provide insightful input and advice to Department Operations staff regarding the following:
• Monitoring progress and outcomes of Plan goals and objectives.
• Response to any issues arising from Plan implementation.
• Formal Plan reviews if necessary to respond to change.
• Resolution of Plan Issues arising from Plan interpretation or disputes among stakeholders.

This resolution must respect the following: who has jurisdiction over a given matter; the recognition of legislated mandates; conformity with existing policies, legislation, regulations and agreements; the observance of established administrative procedures; and any legal considerations relevant to the matter in question.
• Maintaining good communication and consistency between levels of government tasked with managing land use around Buffalo Lake.
• Assisting with public input and education regarding Buffalo Lake issues.


3.0 Membership
BLMT membership will be comprised of representation from local municipalities and stakeholders. The team will have a maximum of 10 members with representation from the Counties of Lacombe, Stettler, and Camrose, the Summer Villages of Rochon Sands and White Sands, and other resident stakeholders from all sides of the lake. It is desirable that the initial members have a core component from the former BLMT to ensure knowledgeable continuation.

Each member will have a four-year renewable term to a maximum of three consecutive terms. Individual members may be considered for an extension to the maximum allowed if in the opinion of the remaining team members that the member’s participation is required to complete ongoing committee work or other reasonable justification. The justification must be made in writing by the nominating committee, considered and approved by the team and submitted to the Department for consideration. The terms for all members including executive positions (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary) should be reasonably staggered so as not to have multiple vacancies in the same year. Executive positions will be reviewed and confirmed after each four year term.

Provincial government (including Alberta Environment and Parks) staff will participate in meetings as subject matter experts and a liaison between the BLMT and the GOA but will not be voting members. Alberta Environment and Parks will assign one staff member to attend meetings to ensure an effective liaison between the team and the Department. This is to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

A quorum will consist of the Chair and at least 50% of the BLMT membership.The Buffalo Lake Management Team does not have its own budget or expenditure authority. The members act as volunteers.


3.1 Nomination of Members
At least one year in advance of the end of a current four year term, the BLMT may appoint a nominating committee of between three and five members that will include the Chair or Vice-Chair, the Secretary (or alternate), a municipal representative and a sector representative. The committee will determine which members remain eligible for nomination (served less than three terms). The committee will also determine a process to canvas the stakeholders within the community and compile possible candidates for membership. County council representatives may also recommend people at large. Final selections will consider the following criteria:
• The candidate meets the standards as set out in the attached “Code of Conduct for a Public Agency” and the BLMT board approved competency matrix.
• The candidate brings fair and impartial perspective to the BLMT.
• The candidate fills a valuable knowledge gap in the BLMT.
• The candidate fills a vacancy as described in section 3.1 of these terms of reference.
• The candidate does not have a real or perceived conflict of interest related to the work of the BLMT.

The nominating committee may choose to conduct brief interviews with potential candidates.

The potential members nominated by the committee will be listed and proposed to the BLMT with information relating to all the potential nominees considered.

The BLMT will review the information provided by the nominating committee and may a) confirm the nominating committee proposed list or b) will ask the committee to review the potential nominees and to submit a new recommendation. In either case, the BLMT decision will be recorded in the meeting minutes with a list of reasons for the decision.


3.2 Chair
On the first meeting after the receipt of the rescinding Ministerial Order, the BLMT will vote one of its members to serve as Chair. The Chair will:
• Determine the meeting schedule, location and time,
• Set the meeting agenda by polling the membership,
• Ensure the members are aware of the meetings and the outcome of each,
• Ensure that accurate minutes are kept,
• Appoint sub-committees as required,
• Through a process led by the Chair, conducts an annual evaluation and review of the performance of the Team, sub-committees and the Chair of the Team. The Team reviews the results of such evaluation and discusses potential ways to improve Team effectiveness. The Team also discusses the results of the evaluation and adopts agreed upon improvements.”


3.3 Vice-Chair
On the first meeting after the receipt of a rescinding Ministerial Order, the BLMT will vote one of its members to serve as Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair will act as Chair when the Chair is not available for any reason.


3.4 Secretary
The Secretary will be appointed by the Chair at the first meeting of the committee. The Secretary is responsible for:
• Confirming the location, agenda and time of each meeting,
• Making an accurate record (minutes) of each meeting and distributing them to the members after approval of the Chair,
• Receiving reports of any sub-committees appointed by the Chair.


3.5 Department Liaison
A staff member of Alberta Environment and Parks will serve as the Department representative to the BLMT. This representative will not be a member of the Team, but will attend meetings as a resource person.


3.6 Resource Staff
As the Department representative and/or the BLMT deems necessary, provincial government experts or other subject matter specialists may serve as resource staff as required.



4.0 Frequency of Meetings
The BLMT will meet no less than 4 times during a calendar year or as required by the Chair. Additional extraordinary meetings may be held if major issues require immediate resolution. Sub-committees may meet as required by their mandate.


5.0 Confidentiality
The confidentiality of issues and related information, brought to the attention of the BLMT, must be respected. No confidential documents, correspondence or information shall be distributed or published by BLMT members without express written consent from the Chair and the Department. The Chair, in consultation with the Department, will provide clarification and direction as to the documents that are to be treated as confidential.

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