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Mission & Mandate

The Buffalo Lake Management Team (BLMT) will provide insightful input and advice to Alberta Environment and Parks operations staff regarding the following:

  • Monitoring progress and outcomes of Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan (BLISMP) goals and objectives.
  • Response to any issues arising from Plan implementation.
  • Formal Plan reviews if necessary to respond to change.
  • Resolution of Plan Issues arising from Plan interpretation or disputes among stakeholders.

This resolution must respect the following: who has jurisdiction over a given matter; the recognition of legislated mandates; conformity with existing policies, legislation, regulations and agreements; the observance of established administrative procedures; and any legal considerations relevant to the matter in question.

  • Maintaining good communication and consistency between levels of government tasked with managing land use around Buffalo Lake.
  • Assisting with public input and education regarding Buffalo Lake issues.

Prussian Carp found in the Red Deer River

See the following attachments related to Prussian Carp found in the Red Deer River and the implications for the Buffalo Lake pumping project. Prussian Carp & Lake Stabilization License Suspensions – FAQ AIS-Quickfacts-PrussianCarp-May2015

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