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Management Team

Buffalo Lake Management Team

The Buffalo Lake Management Team was formed by the Minister of Environment in 1991 to provide advice on the construction, mitigation and operation of the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project. Since completion of the construction phase of the project, and development of the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Operating Plan, the Committee has focused on assessment of mitigation measures to be addressed, monitoring ongoing operations and land-use surrounding the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake system, and providing input into the development of the Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan.

The management team is made up of representatives of the surrounding communities, surrounding counties and Alberta Environment & Parks representatives.  The committee met about 10 times a year and was accountable to the Minister of the Environment.

In September 2016, the Buffalo Management Team was formally dissolved under Ministerial Order 32-2016 as the BLMT had completed its original mandate and was no longer required to be a Ministerial Committee.  Following the formally dissolution of the BLMT, the Buffalo Lake Management Team decided to transition to an implementation committee and will focus their efforts on implementation of the Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan, public education of the plan and the Government-owned right-of-way surrounding the lake, liaise with lake stakeholders, and will continue to monitor operations of the Buffalo Lake/Parlby Creek water management project owned by Alberta Environment & Parks.  The BLMT will also act as an advisory committee for Alberta Environment & Parks with respect to decisions made in the Government-owned right-of-way and for any outstanding mitigation projects.


Spotted Lake/Mirror Advisory Committee

The Spotted Lake/Advisory Committee provides advice to Alberta Environment on the multi-use operation and maintenance of the Parlby Creek component of the system. The committee focuses particularly on the operation of the Spotted Lake and Mirror structures and has representation from local landowners, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and Alberta Environment. Liaison is maintained between the Spotted Lake/Mirror Committee and the Buffalo Lake Management Team. The committee has been operating since 1987, however does not currently meet since an agreed upon operating plan was put in place.

Prussian Carp found in the Red Deer River

See the following attachments related to Prussian Carp found in the Red Deer River and the implications for the Buffalo Lake pumping project. Prussian Carp & Lake Stabilization License Suspensions – FAQ AIS-Quickfacts-PrussianCarp-May2015

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