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Buffalo Lake Water Levels

Buffalo Lake Water Levels

Diversion of water from the Red Deer River will occur until the water levels in Buffalo Lake reach the elevation of 780.85 metres or the channel capacity is reached. Once the maximum elevation has been reached, pumping will stop until lake levels recede to 780.65 metres. The fluctuation of 20 cm is intended to encourage a diversity of aquatic plant growth along the shoreline of Buffalo Lake. The pumping program will re-initiate once the lake level drops to the lower elevation (780.65 metres). Water diversion from the Red Deer River may occur when the lake is at Full Supply Level (780.85 metres) in order to meet needs within the conveyance system for, backflooding, or fish and wildlife benefits along the Parlby Creek component of the system.

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The Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project

What’s New with the BLMT.

The Buffalo Managment Team has transitioned from a Ministerial Committee to a Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreline Management Plan Implementation Committee.  The BLMT was formally dissolved under Ministerial Order 32-2016 in September of 2016.  The BLMT still meets quarterly and the…

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