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Many of Alberta’s recreational lakes are subject to residential development. As more and more lakeshore properties are developed, the potential for the modification and erosion of the banks and shores of a lake also increases. In time, entire lakeshore margins may become altered.

Many common shoreland development activities can have unanticipated impacts to a lake. Many of these impacts are also cumulative. Public land and resource managers and, increasingly, the public are becoming concerned about:

  • Changes to water quality
  • Erosion of lands
  • Increase in user conflicts
  • Increased boating use
  • Loss of habitat and natural shorelines

Most modifications to shorelands require riparian landowners to obtain prior authorization before undertaking any works. This ensures that

  • construction of works does not occur during sensitive timing periods when fish spawn or birds nest
  • any unanticipated issues can be addressed prior to undertaking construction activities
  • all the province‚Äôs interests in managing the aquatic and water resources are addressed and reflected in an approval

For details on approval requirements for a particular activity, see:

For more information visit Skip Navigation > SRD Home > Lands & Forests > Shorelands > Approvals & Regulatory Requirements

Prussian Carp found in the Red Deer River

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