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The Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project is a five phase multiple use water management project in Central Alberta, designed and constructed for Water Resources Management Services, a division of Alberta Environment (the proponent).

What is the Purpose of the Project?

The project was designed to provide agricultural flood control, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, municipal water supplies and the stabilization of water levels in Buffalo Lake. Construction began in 1985. Phase I, completed in 1987, consists on a 3.8 kilometer (km) channel form Buffalo Lake to Highway 21; Phase II, also completed in 1987, consists of a 1.9 km channel from Highway 21 to Spotted Lake; Phase III was completed in 1988 and consists of a 4.1 km channel through Spotted Lake; to Highway 50 near Mirror. Phase IV entails construction of a channel from Highway 50 to Alix, construction of a backflood structure and dyke near Mirror, and construction of a wildlife conservation wetland. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was carried out for the fifth and final phase of the project. The EIA was announced in 1989 and was conducted by Environmental Management Associates of Calgary in 1990. The EIA was the subject of an inter-departmental review and was accepted.

The results of the EIA were released in March, 1991 by the Minister of Environment, the Honourable Ralph Klein. At the same time, Mr. Klein announced the appointment of the Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project Review Board.

The Review Board was directed to hold public hearings on the project; to review the environmental impact of the project and proposed mitigative measures; to review the degree to which local citizens’ concerns were addressed by the proponent; and to provide advice on the environmental acceptability of the project, including the recommendation of appropriate terms and conditions for inclusion in required permits and licenses.

Water Management System Maps

pdf file:  Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management System Operations Map

gif file:    Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management System Schematic Map

The Parlby Creek-Buffalo Lake Water Management Project

What’s New with the BLMT.

The Buffalo Managment Team has transitioned from a Ministerial Committee to a Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreline Management Plan Implementation Committee.  The BLMT was formally dissolved under Ministerial Order 32-2016 in September of 2016.  The BLMT still meets quarterly and the…

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